In the summer of 2013, OOTD Magazine was founded based on the concept of inspiring people with everyday fashion. It did not take long before the Instagram account went viral and evolved into a leading online fashion authority. The platform showcases a broad variety of both upcoming and established fashion talent, and answers the question we ask ourselves every single day: what should I wear today?

What once started as a simple hashtag grew out to be one of the most influential platforms in the online fashion industry: OOTD ‘Outfit Of The Day’. Up until only a few years ago, it was quite common for people to ask what the meaning of this abbreviation was.

Today, #OOTD is a favourite among style sharing users. The hashtag has been used over 90 million times already, according to Instagram. OOTD Magazine is always looking for undiscovered fashion influencers who can potentially become the next. Our focus is on finding fresh faces to share with our more than 3,3 million followers. And promoting diversity and positivity through, and on social media. It is this vision that has helped OOTD Magazine to become one of the world’s most recognised social brands.